After analyzing in detail the evolution of Gurb; its maps and its photos; its history and, carrying out a survey, we’ve got the following conclusions:

We’ve seen that Gurb, from the information received from the economical studies, won’t be how we wish, what we mean is that it won’t be as futurist as we expect. Because in a place like Osona where only 6% of workplaces are in technological services, while in Catalonia is a 13%, makes us think that it will be difficult to have an intelligent village and, for many people’s luck, most of the jobs won’t be automated. Regarding the survey, people’s concerns about the future won’t that present like many people believe and according to how people think Gurb will be in 2050, the majority of people are rather well-guided, because, if there isn’t going to be a drastic change in industry, and with everything remaining quite the same, food industry will remain with its maximum influx.