Most people who answered the survey is from Gurb and Vic, with a 55,8%. Many people work in Gurb and Vic, with a 31,7% in Vic and a 26% in Gurb, the rest are distributed in other villages from Osona, but their certain percentage is really low. But there’s also a 13,5% of people who haven’t worked yet. They mostly work as administrators and study, these occupations give us a 46,2%.

Citizenship is quite aware of environment, a 57,7% of people is rather active with environment. Just a few people participate in a passive way with environment. To help environment they mainly recycle with a 45,2%. Nowadays, this certain percentage is great, but thinking ahead we should improve and there should be more people who participate more actively. People who do nothing occupy a little part, a 3,8%. We wanted to how much people knew about Gurb and a 37,5% thinks that the first industry which was set up in Gurb was between 1850 and 1900. But that’s incorrect, because the first energy source was the factory of yarns called “Malars”, founded in 1827. That answer occupies a 16,3%. People weren’t that misguided though. We asked if someone knew and a 76% said no. The certain percentage of people who got it right was a 9,6%.

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