To start the project, we divided ourselves in four groups of six people each group. These groups help us working better and organizing in a better way. Later, we went back to our previous groups and we explained all the information that we had got.


To be able to know more about where Gurb comes from, how it is working nowadays and where it’s going, we’ve carried out this project. The information research in this project has been very important to solve doubts from the past and therefore to be able to do conclusions to know its future. This project is thought to improve our organization and to be able to put in practice our different techniques.


To know how to apply techniques to make interactive mapsTo organize the group in order to manage easilier the tasks and move on fast. To learn to carry out a website. To group information through a group of experts. To know how to make graphs and translate them into another language. To make a second section in the website with all the words translated in english.


In a desirable future, we would like Gurb to be an intelligent village which could work with renewable energies, we would also like to see a growth in the population, by that we mean that would like to have new neighbourhoods and not an excess of population density in current neighbourhoods, we would also like to have a wider variety of shops and products within reach, it would be perfect to have better sports and educational facilities, we would love to see a growth in the industrial sector, but which would be isolated from the urban zone with the aim of ensuring habitants’ health and, finally, it would be great to still have agriculture and livestock, because in the next forty years it is said that agricultural products will be less produced than nowadays and, at the same time, this means that their prices will increase a lot. But, if we look at how things have changed in the last period, possibly Gurb won’t change as much as we expect. But maybe this won’t be that bad, because one thing is true, primary sector will start disappearing, so, if Gurb’s primary sector remains with the same importance, Gurb will be able to get a lot of earnings.